Getting started in Kaohsiung

Welcome to Taiwan! Are you new to Taiwan? Did you just move to Kaohsiung? (高雄)
Here are my tips on getting started in Kaohsiung.
    1.    Visit 591 for housing.  This site is all in Chinese, however, it is the Number 1 stop if you’re looking for an apartment.  Get your Taiwanese friend to help you navigate.
    2.    Get your phone SIM CARD at the airport.  Trust me, it’s the easiest place to get one without hassle.
    3.    Department of Motor Vehicles will NOT give you a scooter license UNTIL one year after you live here.  Even if you have a valid ARC, they WILL not grant you a license.  You may get one after you possess your ARC more than 1 year.  This means, you’ll have to drive a scooter without a license during your first year!
    4.    Contact Louis for any scooter needs.  He provides fair deals.
    5.    We used to use Yahoo groups to post information, but Facebook changed all that.  Be sure to join FB groups for apartment search, roommate search, substitute teaching jobs, and permeant jobs.
    6.    If you are looking for private students, consider making a profile on MYU.  I found most of my private students on this site.
    7.    Couchsurfing Kaohsiung group.  Find the group on Facebook or the Couchsurfing site and meet some new friends
    8.    Visas – Remember, Canadians and British get a 90 day landing visa, but holders of these passports are allow a visa extension for an extra 90 days.  I’m not Canadian nor British, so please verify this information.
    9.    VISA RUNS – cheapest flights are to Macau or Hong Kong..via Tiger Air, TransAsia, and sometimes Eva Air has flights on sale.   For Taichung residents, there’s HK express
    10.    Get a cheap, used bike.  Copy and paste this address.  高雄市鹽埕富野路33號 Kaohsiung City, Taiwan.  Call them if you’re lost, it’s a little hard to find.  Phone 0932736663
    11.    Learn Chinese at NSYSU or WenZao.  Here is a list of all the Chinese Language Centers in Taiwan.
    12.    Join a Facebook group for job postings
    13.    Take some studio photos.  Print out a dozen of them.  You'll need it for everything.