What to see in Taroko Gorge

Taroko Gorge Bus:

Bus to Taroko Gorge cost $250NT round trip (hop on, hop off).  2 day pass cost $400NT round trip.  The schedule changes often due to construction, therefore, ask for the schedule at the bus station.  Best way to get there – Scooter.

If you want to rent a scooter, some shops will rent it to foreigners.  It depends.  They will hold your passport as a deposit and it cost around 500NT

I’m not going to post photos, go see it yourself!

1.  *Baiyang Trail – 5 km round trip, bring a flashlight, do not miss the Water Curtain Cave.  Easy

2.  Lu Shui Trail – 2 km one way, fairly easy hike


3.  Wen Shan wild natural hot spring (文山溫泉).  A bit difficult to climb down. 

4.  Swallow Grotto.  Lots of tourist visit this spot.  

5.  *Shakadang Trail – 4.3km one way.  Easy. Crystal clear water perfect for a dip.  Technically, you’re not suppose to swim in the water , but…. go on your own risk.

6.  *Wen Shan Lu Shui Trail – 5.5km one way.  Moderate difficulty.

*Zhuilu Old trail is a 10.3km, 6 hour one way hike (full length).  I’ve been in Taiwan for 5 years and the full length only opened once!  Most of the time, the trail is only open from the suspension bridge. (partly open)  Permit is required and you need to apply in advance.  Taroko National Park only permit 96 hikers per day on this trail.

 *There is a FREE campsite inside the Gorge.  It’s located in Lushui near TianXiang.  Water is available at the campsite.  If you’re considering this option, get a cheap tent at Carrefour!

*highly recommended